AmpMe – Play Music Louder on YouTube & Spotify v6.9.1 Download APK for Android

AmpMe – Play Music Louder on YouTube & Spotify v6.9.1 Download APK for Android

AmpMe – Play Music Louder on YouTube & Spotify v6.9.1




Surround yourself with sound. AmpMe creates a giant, multi-speaker setup using just the phone in your pocket. 


Are you looking for the perfect social music party app? AmpMe brings music and friends together! Surround yourself with sound and take your party to the next level with AmpMe’s giant multi-speaker setup using nothing but your phone. Play your music (as loud as you want) by simply syncing your devices to create one powerful sound system. Party with your friends anywhere, anytime, and any way. AmpMe: Be the speakers.

Are you ready to party hard? Here’s how:

1.Download AmpMe to your phone and tell your friends to add the app to their devices as well.
2.Host your own party or join one.
3.If you’re the host you basically get to control EVERYTHING! (Well, not really. But, you will get to control the music. So, add your favorite songs, albums, or even create your own playlists. )
4.Hit “PLAY” and get ready to parrtyyy!! (This is the part where you invite your friends. Unless you don’t have any or want to party alone; but that would be boring.)
5.Sync your device to your friends’ devices and, in seconds you and your friends will become the speakers.

AmpMe is compatible with smartphone, tablets, and bluetooth speakers

AmpMe is currently available anywhere, except outer spacer; but we’re working on that. Stay tuned for our new features. Who knows, we may be taking moonwalking to the next level.

(Please note that AmpMe is not responsible for any public disturbance complaints. We also ask that you not mention our name when your neighbour warns you for making too much noise; we wouldn’t want to get a bad rep.)

As seen on The Today Show and CNN


Share Your Profile:
Share your AmpMe profile on social networks so that friends and family can follow your profile, join your parties and occasionally judge your taste in music 
React in Parties:
You can now send even bigger and see the total number of hearts sent in a party!
Connect your YouTube Account and find your playlists, subscriptions & liked videos
Shuffle your playlists
And as always, we also made sure to squash a few of those pesky bugs.

This app has no advertisements

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