Underburn- Dynamic Content Aware Brightness v1.2.6 [Patched] Download APK for Android

Underburn- Dynamic Content Aware Brightness v1.2.6 [Patched] Download APK for Android

Underburn- Dynamic Content Aware Brightness v1.2.6 [Patched]


5.0 and up


Ever had someone send you a white image at night, or had to open a browser, while using a dark theme? No need to fumble for that brightness control any more, Underburn will reduce the brightness for you!


 Unlike all other brightness apps, Underburn dynamically sets your screen brightness based on what’s showing on your screen, not the ambient light level. This relieves stress when opening light images/apps when using a dark theme at night, without making the brightness so low that the dark theme is invisible. Once you’re back on a dark screen, the brightness will go back up.
There are 4 brightness levels internally, two of which are dynamically calculated. Response times are low, so even if you’re scrolling a dark page, and a light image scrolls into view (think dark messengers), Underburn has you covered. What’s more, you don’t even need to be rooted!

Performance impact:
Almost none. Barely noticeable CPU usage, and negligible battery usage. Underburn is very optimized.

Extra features:
* Locale/Tasker/Automate (and others) support. Set brightness values and start/stop automatically
* Quick Settings tile for Nougat and up
* A floating brightness slider to quickly adjust brightness from any app

* Lollipop to Oreo
* Adaptive brightness will be disabled while Underburn is running
* Screen casting will not work when Underburn is active; you’ll have to stop Underburn
* No root required

* Record screen: Needed to constantly check the colours of what’s on the screen
* Write settings: Needed to set the device brightness
* System Alert Window (optional): Needed to show the floating brightness button on screen, if you want it
* Receive Boot Completed: Used to start the service on boot
* Vibrate: Used for feedback when the floating button is long-pressed

No data is ever collected, stored on your device, transmitted, or abused in any way. Underburn doesn’t even have any analytics or the 
permissions needed to access the Internet.

 What’s New
Oreo: Remove notification sound
Start on boot if current time is in scheduler range
Slightly improve detection
Reduce CPU usage
Fix memory leak
Make it much easier to set lower brightness values with the slider
Added schedulers to automatically start and stop the app
Fix crashes
Added a help section
Added screen dimmer, to reduce the brightness below the minimum of the device
Made the floating brightness button less sensitive and more usable

● No Patcher Needed

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