Xperia Weather v1.3.A.2.5 [Mod] Download APK for Android

Xperia Weather v1.3.A.2.5 [Mod] Download APK for Android

Xperia Weather v1.3.A.2.5 [Mod]




The Sony Xperia™ Weather app is a simple-to-use weather app that provides you with current weather info.


– Shows wind, humidity, high and low temperature and wind information for your current location 
– Shows you the perceived temperature 
– Easily set up and swipe between different locations
– Simple to use widget – Multiple weather locations – Celsius & Fahrenheit


New features:
– Location names will be automatically translated upon changing device language, provided that translated name of location is available.
– Added support for shortcuts. For now the 2 available shortcuts are the add location shortcut, which will allow users to quickly add new locations in app, as well as current location shortcut, which will allow current location to quickly be displayed in the app. Note that if it wasn’t displayed previously and location permissions are not allowed, you will need to enable them to add the current location.
Bug fixes:
Clock and Weather widget should now update properly after device restart.
– Fixed current location showing unintentionally after entering and exiting multi-window mode whilst the location list is empty.
– Fixed current location not showing unintentionally after entering and exiting multi-window mode.
– Status bar returned to transparent background.
– Aligned end edges of labels of Clock and Weather widget.
– Entire Clock and Weather widget is now clickable instead of just the labels. Left half will open Clock app, right half will open Weather app.
– Default city of each locale will no longer automatically be added every time app is turned on.
– Removed location permission dialog appearing every time app is turned on when location permissions are disabled. It will only appear when needed, such as when entering app through Clock and Weather widget or current location shortcut.
– Fixed crash when tapping on Severe weather alerts in settings in cases when location data was stale.
– Aligned end edges of min and max temperature in app.
– Fixed real feel disappearing from weather widget.
– Changed default state of Severe weather alerts, from now they will be enabled by default, and if current location is present, alerts will be enabled for it. Other locations will not be enabled by default.

★★★ MOD ★★★

Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;

No Sony device required;

Analytics disabled;

No Forced Update;

Multi Langauges.

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